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Before 1861, Italy was a group of Emirates scattered between France, Austria and Britain, and were united in 1870 after the announcement of the king Victorio Second upon the help of Sardinia, and after the war on Austria in 1859, Sardinia took on the rest of  Papal kingdoms and has set up the Italian Kingdom, it's capital was Torino.

In 1919, Mussolini established a Fascist Party, and he took the power in 1922 as prime minister, and occupied Italian Somalia, Libya, and then Abyssinia in 1935, Albania in 1939, but recovered all of  them after the Second World War, when  Italy fought beside Germany, and in 1946, after a popular referendum ended the rule of the royal Savoy family (1861-1946). Italy became a republic dominated by the Christian Democratic Party ( 1974-1977).

Italy, a member of the Atlantic Alliance and of the institutional State of the (current) European Union,  supported the United States against Libya in 1981, participated among coalition forces in the second Gulf War in 1990 and in 1991 strengthened its relationship with China.

Name: Italian Republic.

Capital: Rome.

Official Language: Italian.

President: Sergio Mattarella.

Prime Minister: Matteo Renzi.

Minister of foreign Affairs: Paolo Gentiloni.

Minister of Interior: 
Angelino Alfano.

60 Million.

Total Area:
301.340 KM2.


 2146 Millar Dollar. (5the) according to the statistics of 2014.

Census of Italian citizenship:
those living in the State of Qatar are estimated to be about 1535 person (according to the statistics of the Ministry of Interior, January 2014).

Republic of Italy consists of a peninsula extending from the South of Europe to the Mediterranean and a group of Western islands including Sicily in the south-west and Sardinia in the west. The Alps mountains constitute a natural border in the north and is bounded on the north-west by France and north Switzerland and north-eastern republics of the former Yugoslavia.

It is characterized by a Mediterranean climate, and alpine climate in the north, hot and dry in the south.

Natural Resources: 
Mercury and marble, sulfur, natural gas, fish, coal and rags and fertile land for agriculture.