Qatar - Italy Relations

The Qatari-Italian relations have been culminated by the reciprocal opening of accredited embassies in the capitals of both countries in 1992. Since then, these relations have been experiencing fast and strong development in all fields, especially in the economic and commercial sphere, as the State of Qatar and the Italian Republic are both  working to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries at all levels in a way that serves the common goals and interests of the two friendly countries.

The Qatari-Italian relations are also experiencing mutual and continuous visits by Qatari and Italian officials in order to strengthen and develop these relations. This is obviously reflected in the signing of several bilateral agreements between the two countries.

The recent visit of His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of the State of Qatar, to Italy in January 2016 during which a number of important agreements between the two countries were signed,resulted in the promotion and development of those relations.

The volume of trade exchange between the two countries has been witnessing a remarkable development in recent years.

Italy is considered to be a distinguished destination for the Qatari investments which entered into the various economic sectors and activities.

These relations have been greatly enhanced in recent years, especially at the level of attention given to the Qatari market by the Italian businessmen and economists. The Qatari-Italian relations were also boosted through the successful participation of the State of Qatar in the Milan Expo 2015, where this contributed significantly to the consolidation of relations between the two countries in various fields.

The Italian companies, which grow constantly in number, focus on investing in the State of Qatar where many major companies work in these various fields, including trade, construction and technology.