Do and Don't

Dear Qatari visitors, welcome to the country of art, sport and pasta!

Italy is one of the most visited destinations due to its beautiful and nature landscape, beaches and its invaluable historical sites as it has most of the  UNESCO world heritage sites.

Here are some of the tips to follow while visiting Italy:

  • Get a map of the city you are in to help you navigate the important sites and make your way through the city easily. You can use Google map on your phone as an alternative.

  • Take a bus tour in Rome, Milano or any other city to get a general look on the important historical sites.

  • Do not park your car on the yellow and blue lines near the pavement because it is only for public services like busses, or persons with special needs, or for the diplomats only.  Instead, park your car on the white lines in the parking lot.

  • Wear appropriate clothing when visiting the Vatican. Do not wear revealing clothes like sleeveless shirts and shorts.

  • Do not wear a back bag when taking the Metro because you will be targeted by pickpockets. Make sure to take your precautions to avoid being robbed. 

  • Taking a gondola tour when visiting Venice is one of the romantic and beautiful things you could enjoy, but it can be expensive. As an alternative, you can use boat tours in the city. 

  • Italians take pride in their language and prefer to only use it. Try to learn some Italian words and phrases that will help you during your visit.

  • Many stores are closed  from 1pm to 4pm, especially the stores located outside the city center.

  • If you need a taxi, you have to either call and order one or go to the taxi station to get a ride. You cannot pick a taxi from the street.

  • Italians use body language a lot and especially moving  their hands when talking, to express their emotions, do not be surprised when talking to them.